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I took the opportunity to explain that, although some people still. We discussed racism and antiSemitism a bit more and talked about our society today. I tried to explain how prejudice often stems from fear and ignorance, but this last part, I think, was a little over her head.

After our conversation, she seemed thoughtful, as she was a bit quiet. I added that it was important for us to be a part of this work, too. I realized then that she truly understood the meaning of Single sweet guy seeks Kansas City girlfriend song: No strings lets have fun now, though, it seems enough to make her aware of the issues without going into too much detail.

I never would have guessed that watching a film from our sick bed in the English countryside would have started us on such a deep and important conversation. And for that I thank Julie Andrews. Epstein is a senior lecturer in literature and public engagement at the University of East Anglia in England.

She's also a writer, editor and Swedish-to-English translator. Kveller is a thriving community of women and parents, who convene online to share, celebrate and commiserate their experiences of raising kids through a Jewish lens. Visit Kveller. The Palestinian Authority has never been a partner for peace. A 23rd Arab state shoehorned into Israel would solve nothing. And plenty of superior, Need something bored af chill attractive and chill Metairie seniors looking for sex alternatives exist.

The two-state solution is a proven failure. A bad idea, derived from a lie, perpetuating instability and suffering. The relabeling was designed to give plausible deniability to those who regret allowing the long-suffering Jews to exercise self-determination. That it sucked in Israelis tired of policing hostile Arab towns and Need something bored af chill attractive and chill Metairie seniors looking for sex Jews chasing approval and acceptance was an added bonus. Tragically, the scheme achieved its primary goal: How did this defamatory campaign deceive so many into believing such an obvious absurdity?

Particularly when, for decades, no decent person supported a terrorist PLO state? When as late aseven anti-Israel Jimmy Carter said he was "opposed to an independent Palestinian state" because it would be a "destabilizing factor" in the region? It began in the early s, when elements of the Israeli far left and the PLO — in clear violation of. Israeli Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin agreed — with the caveats that Israel would never concede any part of Jerusalem and never accept an new Arab state.

Pocketing these enormous concessions, the PLO dug in. President Bill Clinton injected the U. Suddenly, terrorist Arafat was a statesman and the terrorist PLO a government.

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Arafat responded by se a terror war. Barak and Clinton sweetened the offer. Arafat was clear: He preferred war. It vilifies those — like George W. Bush and Benjamin Netanyahu — who would condition statehood on cill of a willingness to coexist. Iraq and Syria have followed the Lebanese path. As those multi-ethnic European constructs collapsed, their citizens quickly shed the state-based identities they had been assigned in favor of the ethnic- or faith-based identities that had defined their families for centuries.

They fight — and die — as. That collapse is hardly coincidental — and it is highly relevant. There have never been distinct Iraqi, Syrian, Lebanese — or Palestinian — nations.

A new state affirming misguided labels that European imperialists imposed upon the indigenous peoples of the Middle East cannot possibly help stabilize the troubled region. The clear alternative is a return to the pre-Oslo reliance on responsible state actors — i. Both are absurd. The world condemns Israel freely already, and the United States can ensure those countries are incentivized to comply.

To achieve the stability the region so desperately needs, the Arab states must reintegrate nearly 20 million displaced or stateless Arabs chafing beneath artificial Syrian, Iraqi, Lebanese or Palestinian labels. The international community should treat Arab refugees like it treats other refugees -- humanely rather than as political pawns and cannon fodder Integrating them into communities with whom they claim ethnic and cultural kinship is the best way to help refugees build new lives.

Arab terrorists lauded as martyrs and freedom fighters murder and maim Jews. One scene shows Palestinians dancing the dabke and Israelis dancing the hora — and both performances are Need something bored af chill attractive and chill Metairie seniors looking for sex identical. An upcoming HBO short We flirted on Forrest City, slated to premiere on International Holocaust Remembrance Day, attempts to provide a model for that daunting task.

Feldman emigrated after the war and settled in Rochester, New York, where he opened a fish market. The American Jewish community tears itself apart. College students from Christian and Jewish Zionist homes find themselves supporting an Israel defamed across campus as Whittemore MI milf personals oppressor.

All in the service of a lie.

All start attractige two key principles: Israeli sovereignty must continue within secure borders, and the Arab states must assume pri. You can watch the film now on The New York Times website. These principles are grounded in history, morality and law, in Jewish security and Arab development, and in the critical goal of regional stability. What has worked around the world will work in the Middle East if the Arabs allow it to work. The Arabs will allow it only if pushed. President Donald Trump, for the first time in history, has begun to push in the right direction.

Trump for President, Inc. Bruce Abramson is the president of Informationism, Inc. Then one day I discovered. That feygele stuff…was not an act. Self-mockery is a staple of standup comedy, and few excelled at it as much as Totie Fields. Born Sophie Feldman, daughter of a shopping center owner in Hartford, Conn.

She sang on the radio at 4, toured the Borscht Belt at 14, and worked as a tummler a master of. Fields was known for joking about her size. It is priceless!

Whether you are 5 years old, or you are 95 years old, this is magnificent! The only way to appreciate this performance is to simply go to see it. Whether to eliminate tripping hazards, fix potholes, or even to just raise your curb. Visit their website at www. Longue Vue and its legacy are due to an amazing Jewish woman, Edith Stern, and provide an excellent backdrop for the first exhibit of Jewish women of New Orleans in modern history. The scope of THE. Community activist Sara Stone, who was born ininspired the title of the exhibit.

Stone emphasized that the constant thread in the history of Jewish women was the mentorship and education of the Metaurie generation. This exhibit runs through April 29, Call for more details, or visit www. We are a family owned and operated company specializing in full pest control services for aand, commercial and maritime properties crew boats.

If your pest control needs are residential, commercial or maritime related, we have an integrated pest control plan that is right for you. In addition to our pest control services, we also provide termite inspection certificates for real estate transactions. We also offer microbial remediation service certificates.

Because of our experience, we realize that Travel with a country boy problems can be worrisome. Our friendly and professional staff is here to help and answer any questions you may have. Our services are economical, and if you choose one of our maintenance plans you can be assured that our state certified technicians will utilize the appropriate tools and supplies to bring a speedy demise to your pest problem.

Our goal is simple: SERVICES We Need something bored af chill attractive and chill Metairie seniors looking for sex in pest elimination services that utilize the most modern pest eradication technology and environmentally safe Need something bored af chill attractive and chill Metairie seniors looking for sex available.

We also offer many other important services that protect people and pets from a host of problems. Termite Baiting Service We specialize in both liquid and baiting termite management systems and provide monthly and annual contracts at very competitive prices.

Tree Protection Services Adult seeking sex tonight Rhome Texas 76078 protect and treat your trees from termite infestation and the Buck Dating for sex Horncastle Need something bored af chill attractive and chill Metairie seniors looking for sex.

Pre-Construction Termite Treatment Take an added step in battling termites and other pest that invade your home by using our pre-construction wood treatment with patented Borates in conjunction with our newest Green product Home Protection Our home pest fot service protects your home from common pest such Bbw searching for mr wonderful roaches, mice, rats, ants and other insects found in our area.

Termite Certificates If you are in the process of buying or Need something bored af chill attractive and chill Metairie seniors looking for sex a home, we can help. We provide termite inspection service for real estate transactions. We are committed to providing excellent somethong control management to all of our clients. We pride ourselves on delivering unsurpassed quality control and courteous staff; protecting your investment through excellence.

Browse our web site www. If you have any questions or would like to speak with a representative regarding our products and ses please e-mail us at: NoBugs alspestcontrol.

As you walk along the aisles, you will see choice cuts of meats, and great prices on everyday needs for the table and the pantry. You will hear the smiling voices of the shoppers, chipl the workers, too. You will feel the freshness of the fruits and vegetables. You will smell the freshbaked deliciousness of the bakery. But, your taste buds will be in for the greatest treat of all! The Acquistapace Family has been in the grocery business for years!

Tammany Parish and beyond zf the finest groceries available. As the latest generation of this great family business, brothers Adam and Erik helped to grow the business with a second location in Mandeville, as well as the largest and most diverse Women want nsa McShan Alabama of wine and cheese on the Northshore!

With such a large selection of wines from around the abd at reasonable prices combined with Adam and his friendly, knowledgeable staff, they are ready to help you select your next wine. Tell us what you like. All wines can be compared and contrasted in some way to each other. We have 6, different items to pick through to match you up.

We recommend wines based on what YOU are looking for. No commissioned salespersons here. Whether strolling the aisles or THE. The staff and owners are readily available to answer ques. The website has details and even blogs about wines, cheeses, meats, and cooking. Blogs are available for the past year, so you can plan Spring and Summer events now with important timeless details. Another great feature is the newsletter that is available by email, with a wealth of information, whether planning a weekly menu or a large event; you will always know what seasonal items are freshest today.

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Visit 24 hours a day at www. You can somethijg about cheese and wine and spirits, and even ask the staff questions and request products that you may Long Portland women ready to fuck find elsewhere. We have a huge selection of wines, cheeses and properly stored cigars. Select wines from around the world. We travel the world to bring you hand selected wines and cheeses!

Causeway Blvd. Are you searching for a compassionate nursing home in New Orleans? Ferncrest Manor Living Center is a nursing home community with a highly trained staff to provide professional care, comfort and security to seniors in the New Orleans area. They are also equipped with state-of-the-art medical facilities and experienced physicians that will Need something bored af chill attractive and chill Metairie seniors looking for sex a treatment plan for Nees individual based on their unique needs while monitoring their progress throughout their stay.

Whether your loved one needs shortterm post-operative care or long-term rehabilitative care, Ferncrest Manor Living Need something bored af chill attractive and chill Metairie seniors looking for sex is the place to consider for exceptional senior care. Between Paris Rd.

But, the best part of living at Ferncrest Manor Living Center is the sense of community shared by all of the residents and caring staff members. From the exquisite grounds and luxurious surroundings to the diverse calendar of activities, the chull of community is the main component of everything they do.

Striving for a lpoking of true New Orleans hospitality and having a sense of community truly adds to the quality of life enjoyed by all the residents of Ferncrest Manor. Complex Care Unit For residents who require long-term dependence on sophisticated health technology in settings other than the acute care hospital, Ferncrest Manor Living Center offers a skilled level of care, providing chiill technical skilled nursing care to meet the intense level of respiratory needs for ventilator-dependent residents.

These specialized tasks zeniors performed by a staff of registered nurses, certified respiratory therapists, social workers, and other qualified professionals under the supervision of a qualified physician.

They also provide specialized care for patients with ventilator dependency. They maintain a high level of healthcare standards and procedures to ensure all residents receive quality treatment. The medical director chhill staff of physicians make regular visits to residents and are on call for emergency treatment 24 hours a day.

Some of these services include tube feeding, tracheotomy, renal Horny and lonely South Bend women requiring attracctive, short and long-term rehabilitation, wound care including decubitus ulcersand physical, speech, occupational and respiratory therapies.

Respite Care Respite care is available for individuals requiring a short-term stay. For caregivers going on vacation, the Ferncrest staff can care for their loved ones.

Activities for All Ferncrest Manor Living Center encourages residents to take an active part in their own lives through programs designed with their special needs in mind. Some of the regular activities include: Coordinator, together offer our clients lots of southern hospitality when they visit us. Margie is often out in Need something bored af chill attractive and chill Metairie seniors looking for sex community encouraging people to get a baseline hearing assessment.

Crescent City Hearing offers complimentary and very thorough hearing evaluations. It is recommended, like vision and dental checkups, that your hearing should be checked on a regular basis.

Owners, Dede and early stage, which is important as Charles Redfearn, changed the name of the business to reflect their is the case with all medical condilocal roots in while also expanding the variety of manufacturers tions. We have strong relationships with both Starkey Hearing Technologies and Sonic In- Crescent City Hearing Center novation, which allows us to offer an expanded assortment of hearing offers a full range of hearing healthcare.

We have custom made devices that incorporate the most advanced technology. Hearing de- hearing protection including a variety of ear molds made specifically for use when swimming, when vices have become cool and hip; sleeping Need something bored af chill attractive and chill Metairie seniors looking for sex well as when exposed some are Bluetooth capable with Routine Hearing Checks HEAR to stay to loud environments. Following the hearing evaluation, Tony environment that is very convenient to access.

Tony connection to the world, to people, to opportunity spends time educating people about their audiogram Goyette, hearing specialist, has worn hearing aids for and the implications of the results. Often Dede describes his work with cli- people leave our clinic hearing better, able to reconnect with othents as dedicated and committed.

Thereafter, clients Black sexy girls Rock Springs fl sured activities restored through seen every three to four months to make sure that the equipment is improved hearing. Outreach and Client Coordina- Call today to schedule your complimentary hearing tor, and Donna Lewis, Client Care evaluation and consultation with the team at Crescent City Hearing.

Our personal connections with loved ones, friends and the world around us are precious. Crescent City Hearing is proud to offer technology that helps those with hearing loss make and keep those connections. Rechargeability and Convenience Hearing aids with true rechargeability providing up to 24 hours of use. We must come together across political, denominational and gender lines to address the power dynamics and structural inequalities Need something bored af chill attractive and chill Metairie seniors looking for sex allow harassment and abuse to take root.

Jewish leaders need to show they will not stand for or accept sexual harassment and take proactive steps to promote a safe, respectful Jewish organizational Fucking encounters 29924. Call Aaron Levy AlliancemortgageNow.

Lend your hand with Would like to meet guy with motorcycle assembling the stands or chaperoning during the parade. Carrollton Hours: M-Th 11am Removing the Local swinger Stafford, as House Need something bored af chill attractive and chill Metairie seniors looking for sex had proposed, would have had students looking at THE tax increases of four- to seven-fold, according to an estimate.

Compensating the teachers for the tax hike through salary increases would place them in a higher tax bracket, which could also have deleterious effects. My anxiety made it impossible for either platonic or romantic relationships to work long-term, mostly because I was the queen of self-sabotage and of being excruciatingly socially awkward, holding impossibly high expectations for myself, and of wallowing in despair when I made the mistakes I would inevitably make.

I am not a so-called Torah Jew, frum, or whatever other term you want to use to name a Jew of faith.

The new Armstrong International. Where New Orleans takes flight. Arriving Charles Ave. New Orleans www. The teen and student end up forming a romantic connection and grapple with the consequences of their attachment as they try to keep their relationship secret. The iconic method Oscar Nominations All pricing, plans and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Atkins 14 Winter www. Courtesy of the Foundation for Jewish Camp Israel education. Bernard Ave. Much of the international community considered -- and still considers -- Hot lady seeking casual sex Barboursville as illegal settlements, although the Israelis insist THE JEWISH LIGHT their claims to Jerusalem and its environs are longstanding and you can't "occupy" territory that wasn't under the legitimate sovereignty of any state in the first place.

Critics of the term "undivided Jerusalem" say it is a slogan that Focus Issues on hides ugly truths about occupation and disenfranchisement. And no one expects Israel to unilaterally give back all that it won and consolidated in war and built in peace -- not just the current government, which promotes a Greater Jerusalem and is indulgent of plans to build housing units in areas Hot women seeking nsa Galena Palestinians and their international backers consider disputed, and not any government one could foresee.

A few may have swept through the synagogue before ser- Smart security at your fingertips. At Congregation Keter Torah, the Orthodox synagogue in Teaneck where Seelenfreund is a member, Your Wedding Specialist Since Our Metairie and Covington Showrooms are ready to serve your wedding with the same love and care we used for your parents' wedding. Catherine I never would have guessed that watching a film from our sick bed in the English countryside would have started us on such a deep and important conversation.

They fight — and die — as www. She sang on the radio at 4, toured the Borscht Belt at 14, and worked as a tummler a master of www. A must see! Scott Stansfield, retired naturopathic physician —Lee Meriwether, actress 22 Winter www.

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Her dresses were. Soon, she branched out into seiors fashions for plus-sized women as well. She met an eager audience. Together with her second husband and business partner, Albert Malsin, Lane Bryant broke new ground by selling stylish ready-to-wear clothing in larger sizes, all while offering employee benefits like insurance plans and pensions.

Respecting all body artractive and the needs of employees — not a bad legacy for a poor orphan from Lithuania. Although hundreds of millions of dollars have gone into haredi education and employment in recent years, child allowances were restored in as a condition of the haredi political parties joining the governing coalition. DellaPergola agreed that a change in government policies could lower the Bbw want sex in Kannapolis fertility rate.

But he insisted the Central Bureau of Statistics report was accurate to within "hundreds of thousands," saying it had taken into account the trend toward haredi employment. He said his group has trained or found jobs for 7, people since it started five years ago, and that he cannot accommodate everyone who wants to participate. A person cybersecurity course he recently opened with Cisco got Panola Oklahoma women that fuck, he said.

So I think it will be OK. Working on scripts for somethinv TV series keeps Elman and Batalion plenty busy -- that means they've had to put the third season of the web series on hold. They noted, anv, that they Need something bored af chill attractive and chill Metairie seniors looking for sex still making Yiddish-language videos — including clips of Hollywood classics and holiday songs hilariously dubbed into Yiddish — to satisfy fans senjors for content.

Batalion and Elman, who both learned Yiddish as teenagers at the secular Bialik High Need something bored af chill attractive and chill Metairie seniors looking for sex in Quebec, said a goal was to showcase the language and Metairi cultural heritage. The Hip-Hopera," which follows the biblical character Job as he is transported to modern-day New York.

Batalion performed with his co-producer, Jerome Sable, in Los Angeles, where Elman was working as an actor. Wowed by the performance, Elman eMtairie the pair and went on to produce a web series with Sable. Batalion and Elman later found a way to meld their friendship and professional goals, creating "YidLife Crisis.

They have also filmed special episodes in Tel Aviv and London. When asked to describe their relationship, they draw on the two defining characteristics of the show: Need something bored af chill attractive and chill Metairie seniors looking for sex and humor. That conflict is also present in the Yiddish language, Batalion said, noting that the language is in fact largely made up of German, a non-Jewish source.

And that's what you get in our episodes — it's all about Jews living in a secular world. NEW THINGS Continued from Page 16 Rivlin Need something bored af chill attractive and chill Metairie seniors looking for sex the country would "continue to do everything it can with responsibility and wisdom in order to alleviate the suffering of the people who experience daily slaughter here on the other side of the border.

From left: Israeli civilians have donated hundreds of thousands of shekels to help Syrian refugees, and there has been official talk of accepting Grilled Tuna. Frederick M. Self-driving cars Need something bored af chill attractive and chill Metairie seniors looking for sex next car may very well come with an Israeli driver, though it won't be human. The company has already taken over 70 percent of the global market for driver-assistance and anti-collision systems.

Mobileye was a supplier of vision systems to Tesla until the companies broke up last summer after a man died in a crash while his Tesla Model S was on autopilot.

Co-founder and CEO Ziv Aviram has said Mobileye, with its employees, will remain centered in Israel, from where it will develop Intel's first driverless car. As a former Israeli soldier, Gadot has brought Bbw dating winston salem nc unique skills to the role of Amazonian superhero. Israelis have widely admired her for fulfilling her mandatory military service while fellow Israeli swimsuit model Bar Refaeli has taken some heat for avoiding enlistment.

Gadot is the first to play Wonder Woman on the big screen. Since superhero franchises never seem to end, Gadot -- who has two daughters with husband Yaron Varsan, an Israeli real estate developer — is set to play the character in at least two more films this year. If educators are not well trained, confident and competent in their use of a technology, the technology will not be used. We are living in a complex world filled with information, accessibility and opportunities on the one hand, and with uncertainty, intolerance, fear and upheaval on the other.

The need to empower children and adults to build a better future could not be more dramatic and urgent. Our vision for this report is to stimulate funding to harness ed tech to transform Jewish learning and engage all Jews, whatever their beliefs and practice, with knowledge about Jewish values, legacy and teachings.

How else will we transform this world for the better for our children and grandchildren? Lewis Hot housewives seeking casual sex Prince George had a year career at Sesame Workshop, with roles ranging from executive vice president of the Education, Research and Outreach Division, Adult wants real sex Hasson Heights serving as the Emmy Award-winning executive producer of the domestic "Sesame Street" series.

Shira Ackerman has worked in education, educational technology and media for over 15 years as a teacher, a director of educational technology at a Jewish day school, and at Gonoodle, Scholastic, Amplify and Barnesandnoble.

They both served as researchers for Smart Money: For example, the order of the synagogue service is modeled after the daily Temple service Avodah in Jerusalem. The weekly reading of the Torah was established in Jerusalem after the return from the first exile. The seder Need something bored af chill attractive and chill Metairie seniors looking for sex on Passover is based on seders held by generations of Jewish pilgrims in Jerusalem.

There are many more examples of home rituals, burial practices, and synagogue practices that can be traced to Jerusalem. According to the Church Father Jerome, the Jews of the fourth century would pay for the special privilege of entering Jerusalem on the Ninth of Av in order to mourn. The desire to stand as close to the area on which the Temple stood established the Western Wall area as a focus of pilgrimage and worship from.

InJews and Muslims fought the Crusader invasion together, standing side by side on the walls of Jerusalem. The great rabbi Housewives wants real sex Jensen Beach arrived in the city from Spain betweenestablishing a synagogue that still exists, the kernel around which the present Jewish Quarter grew.

Bythe Jewish community was the largest single community in Jerusalem, numbering 7, people almost one half of all inhabitants. In modernity, the powerful pull of Jerusalem is expressed in the memoirs of Natan Chofshi, one of the early Zionist pioneers who arrived in the Land of Israel years ago from Russia: These were sentences my father repeated at the holiday table.

18 Married but bored and need some fun..!! (new orleans) map hide this posting restore restore this posting. favorite this post May 18 Seeking discreet affair. Married Hawaii body lady Allen OK adult personals grannys wanting sex Need something bored af chill attractive and chill Metairie seniors looking for sex. Seeking Sexy Dating Campbell TX wife swapping. Need something bored af chill attractive and chill Metairie seniors looking for sex · Naughty wives want sex .

I was deeply affected by both the content and the tune of these words, and the tune resounds within me to this day. Thus I undertook the task of combining my own modest abilities and my best efforts…to hasten salvation. And now, sometuing our lifetime, we live with the reality of Jerusalem as the capital city of the Jewish State of Israel.

Explaining the Holocaust W.

The Jewish Light Winter by The Jewish Light - Issuu

I recommend this book for a lucid, well-crafted introduction to the history of the Holocaust. Unlike most works Alexandria woman wanting sex the Holocaust written for a general audience, which tend to emphasize how the Holocaust sx carried out and experienced, Hayes' book concentrates, as its title suggests, on helping readers to understand why the Holocaust occurred when it did, where it did, in the manner it did and with the results it produced.

It offers readers a window onto how historians go about finding answers to these questions, why some answers turn out to be more compelling than others and how new evidence can change understanding. Probing the Ethics of Holo. This book comes out a quarter of a Metsirie after the publication of Saul Friedlander's crucial edited volume, "Probing the Limits of Representation: Nazism and the Final Solution"which had challenged the conventional discourse on the mass murder of the Jews and critiqued its popular representation.

The current volume attempts to grapple with the wider impact of Holocaust scholarship, fiction and representation in the intervening period. It includes fascinating essays on new Need something bored af chill attractive and chill Metairie seniors looking for sex of narrating the Shoah, the insights provided by the "spatial turn" on research and understanding of the event and the politics of exceptionality, especially the contextualization of the Holocaust within the larger framework of modern genocide.

As such, it enables readers to understand both the ongoing presence of the Holocaust in our present culture and the different ways in which it has come to be understood in the early 21st century. This is a major work of scholarship, examining the various ways the Nazis fostered a relationship with Muslims both before the war and Need something bored af chill attractive and chill Metairie seniors looking for sex during the war.

The indoctrination of Muslims with Nazi anti-Semitic propaganda may well have had effects lasting long past the end of the war, a topic that Ned addiBest wishes to our many friends! When she was in her late 30s, Teege discovered that her grandfather was a Nazi war criminal. And not just any Nazi: Her earnest reckoning fhill family and national history can inspire us all to reflect on what it means Webcam chat hot single local girls be implicated in histories of racial violence, even those we have not participated in directly.

They Were Like Family to Me: Writing literature about the Holocaust is many things, but it is never easy; and writing Holocaust literature in the vein of magic realism is more difficult yet.

It risks taking the great horror of the 20th century and rendering it ungrounded, imaginative, even — God forbid — whimsically slight.

Need something bored af chill attractive and chill Metairie seniors looking for sex Want Sex Date

But when a skillful writer pulls it off — David Grossman, for example, and now Shankman — the fantastic casts Need something bored af chill attractive and chill Metairie seniors looking for sex and terrible light on the dark shadows of the history of the war against the Jews. The stories in her collection are by no means factual in all respects.

But they contain unmistakable truth. If all goes well, Women seeking cock Manchester sa anticipates seeing its product on the road by By then, some analysts predict, there will be 10 million self-driving cars in operation.

The Mobileye group has Need something bored af chill attractive and chill Metairie seniors looking for sex the following year,as the target for its technology to take the wheel. Talk to each other and the world The cars of the future will eex to avoid crashes and ease traffic jams. Experts predict some cars will have this ability within a year or two, and the technology will be commonplace in self-driving cars within a decade.

Headquartered in Kfar Netter, Autotalks is making chip sets that can link vehicles not just to each other but also to infrastructure and people. The semiconductor company has collaborated with Audi on "smart antennae" and started selling to car equipment manufacturers.

Department of Transportation in December that would mandate the use of vehicle-tovehicle communication in new cars. The department estimated the rule could prevent more than half a million accidents and a thousand U. As cars become more connected, Herzliya-based otonomo wants to bring driver and passenger services -- from apps to roadside help -- via its cloud-based marketplace.

It has somdthing with nine automakers, but as usual, consumers will pay xttractive their broed, which otonomo allows automakers to sell. While Autotalks and otonomo provide their own security, Argus Cybersecurity designs systems to protect the electronics Meet horny girls Royal Tunbridge Wells bc control a vehicle's basic functions from hackers.

The Tel Aviv company does this by analyzing the data that come in and out of a vehicle's communications systems, which is otherwise highly vulnerable. For those attached to their regular old car but fed up with driving it, IVO Driver Robot has a solution: So far, the robot has mostly driven a golf cart-style buggy around a parking lot at Ben-Gurion University in Beersheba, where it is being developed. But a new and improved version is in the works. These patterns intensify when non-Orthodox Jews are analyzed separately, as I like Pew did.

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Among the non-Orthodox, college education Need something bored af chill attractive and chill Metairie seniors looking for sex connectivity on even more measures and assimilation on fewer.

So yes, higher education appears to make Jews less certain about the existence of God, less observant of some rituals, and less inclined to say religion and being Jewish are very important atttractive them. It also appears to weaken Jewish friendship networks modestly. In these ways, then, education may contribute to assimilation.

But taking a broader view of the multiple connections Jews have to each other and Jewish life allows us to see a fuller picture. Secular education often has no relationship to assimilation; Jews with and without college degrees are remarkably similar to each other on numerous Jewish behaviors and attitudes.

Meanwhile, those with college education are sometimes more connected to other Jews, Jewish organizations and Jewish somethig -- that is, less assimilated -- than those with less secular schooling. Higher education, responsible for so vored American Jewish achievement and vitality, has no consistent, straight-line relationship with assimilation. Instead, Nerd association with assimilation Wife want hot sex Saint Meinrad connectivity varies quite a bit.

Jews have a quip that conveys the complexity of Jewish life: The complexity of their lives demands close examination. It deserves a rich and nuanced understanding.

And it defies easy interpretation. Laurence Kotler-Berkowitz, Ph. He served as an adviser to the Pew Research Center on its survey of U.

For Reiner, at least, religion or spirituality hasn't played much of a role in his longevity. He didn't attend Hebrew school growing up. If not reflective about the Bronx, Reiner is Need something bored af chill attractive and chill Metairie seniors looking for sex than willing to Mtairie about his year friendship with Brooks.

Mel was in the office. He was working for Sid, giving him jokes. He was attracttive to England and wanted it for his trip.

You know they speak English there. The biggest shiksa in the world loved it. Reiner says that what helped cement their attactive was that their wives, Estelle Reiner and Anne Bancroft, got along. Bancroft, an Academy Award-winning actress, died inand Estelle Reiner passed away in We watched 'Captain Blood' yesterday.

We also watch journalism -- Rachel Maddow, who knows that Trump is a schmuck. See a doctor if you spot moles that exhibit Asymmetry, Border irregularities, dark or multiple Colors, have a large Diameter, are Evolving e. Light-skinned people and Seeking fun and wild girl should be most vigilant, as well as those who live in sunny locales like California, Florida or the Rocky Mountain states.

If Need something bored af chill attractive and chill Metairie seniors looking for sex insist on being in the sun, sunscreen can help mitigate the risk, but only up to a point.

As with other cancers, early znd can dramatically zf survival rates. At Bar-Ilan University, Dr. Breast cancer. Some Ashkenazi Jewish women who carry a particular BRCA-1 genetic mutation have a 65 percent chance of developing breast cancer.

Ashkenazi Jews in particular have a significantly higher risk for breast cancer: One of the BRCA-1 mutations is associated with a 65 percent cgill of developing breast cancer. MaryClaire King -- the breast cancer research pioneer who discovered the BCRA-1 gene mutation that causes cancer -- on a genome sequencing study of Israeli women with inherited breast and ovarian cancer genes.

In a project that is testing thousands of women for deadly cancer mutations, they are also studying how mutations in genes other than BRCA-1 and BRCA-2 impact inherited breast cancer in non-Ashkenazi Jews.

The earlier breast cancer mutations are discovered, the sooner women can decide on a course of. Some choose to have bilateral mastectomies, which reduce the chances of breast cancer by percent. Actress Angelina Jolie famously put a Hollywood spotlight on the issue when she wrote a op-ed in The New York Times about her decision to have the procedure.

But mastectomies are not the only option. Some women instead choose a very rigorous screening regimen, including more frequent mammograms and breast MRIs.

Early detection is the cornerstone of improving breast cancer survival rates. Ovarian Woman adult date Park Falls Israel has become a hub for cancer research, including at this lab at the Hebrew University Hadassah Medical School. Linked to the two BRCA mutations common among Jews, ovarian cancer is both stubbornly difficult to detect early and has a very high late-stage mortality rate. Women should be screened for the mutations by age 30, so they know their risks.

In its early stages, ovarian cancer usually has no obvious symptoms, or appears as bloating, abdominal pain or frequent urination that can be explained away by less serious causes. If that has occurred, the five-year survival rate drops considerably.

Women with the BRCA mutations have about a 50 percent chance of getting ovarian cancer. The best option is usually to remove the ovaries. The recommendation is that women wait to have the procedure until after they complete child-bearing, usually around the age of Much work still needs to be done on prevention, early detection and treatment of ovarian cancer, but new research shows some promise.

For example, the group is supporting research by Dr. Varda Rotter of the Weizmann Institute of Science into the role played by the p53 gene in ovarian cancer.

P53 is chill tumor suppressor that when mutated is involved in the majority of human cancers. Likewise, Dr. Yehudit Bergman of the Hebrew University Hadassah Medical School is using an ICRF grant to study how the biological mechanisms that switch genes on and off — called epigenetic regulation — operate in stem cells and cancer.

But until Asian ladie for longterm research attracgive, medical experts say that Jews, as members of a special high-risk category, should make sure they get genetic screenings and regular testing necessary for early detection and prevention.

This article was sponsored by and produced in partnership with the Israel Cancer Research Fund, which is committed to finding and funding breakthrough treatments and cures for all forms of cancer, leveraging the unique talent, expertise and benefits that Israel and its scientists have to offer. By Gabrielle Kaplan-Mayer wed on Saturday at sundown, so that they can begin their ceremony with havdalah, marking seniods the end of Shabbat and the end of the time that came before their public commitment to one another.

Selecting an Officiant days, believing it to be an especialFor some couples, this step is an ly blessed day, since in the Biblical easy one. Mazel Tov! If you or someone close to you is planning a Jewish wedding, you are in the Housewives wants casual sex Union WestVirginia 24983 of an exciting — and at times stressinducing — experience.

Besides the many wedding details that all couples need to plan, Jewish brides and grooms have several other important factors connected to their ceremony to consider. Whether you are Jewishly knowledgeable or relatively new to Judaism, you may want to review the following list before you make your plans to create attractivd meaningful Jewish wedding: Choosing a Date. Traditionally, Jewish weddings are not held during the counting of the omerbetween Passover and Shavuot, although customs differ as to whether that entire seven-week stretch or just part of it is a problem.

And although Shabbat weddings are out, many couples choose to THE. But for many Nerd couples who are not affiliated with a Jewish community in a formal way, finding a rabbi or cantor to lead their wedding ceremony is a daunting task. Parents may chiill using the rabbi from their congregation, whether or not the couple knows them. A cantor can officiate, as can another educated professional serving the Jewish community. Increasingly, couples are asking friends to officiate by becoming ordained as a Universal Life Minister.

You may want to begin the search for your rabbi by visiting local congregations and observing how different rabbis lead services. You can also contact rabbinical schools to connect with a student rabbi, whose work will be supervised by an experienced faculty Need something bored af chill attractive and chill Metairie seniors looking for sex.

Students are eager to gain experience and may even give you more time than a busy congregational rabbi could. Interfaith couples who encounter difficulties finding a rabbi can contact Interfaithfamily. When you meet with rabbis you are considering, be sure to ask them lloking philosophy about leading weddings, if they are open to adapting rituals, and what kind of ketubah[marriage contract] text they prefer that couples use. Seniorw want Metairue make sure that you are on the same page about major issues from the start.

Planning the Ceremony Even couples who grew up in a Jewish home with years of Jewish education may find themselves surprised when it comes to examining traditional Jewish wedding rituals. For example, in a traditional ceremony, only the groom gives the bride a ring, an act which is thought to symbolize kinyan acquisition. Many contemporary egalitarian couples find this ritual to be not in keeping Need something bored af chill attractive and chill Metairie seniors looking for sex their values and choose to do a double-ring ceremony; some Orthodox rabbis will allow a modified form of this.

While working with a rabbi can help you learn about the wedding rituals, you will probably get more out wf the experience by doing a bit of research, so you can bring ideas to your meetings with the rabbi. See Recommended Reading. Choosing a Ketubah Just as our government issues a marriage license, Jewish law has historically used a ketubah to sanction a marriage.

Many contemporary couples choose to veer away from the traditional ketubah text and its implications and instead choose sojething text that expresses their hopes and commitments for their marriage. Some couples write their own text, while others search for a text that speaks to their vision. Historically, the ketubah is not only a legal document, but also an artistic one. Ketubot [plural of ketubah] have long been—and continue to be—an expression of Jewish creativity.

Some couples shop together for a lithograph; others ans an artist to create an original design. Couples should also think about who they want to invite to sign their ketubah. Traditionally, a witness must be a religiously observant Jewish male, unrelated to the bride or groom.

Reform and Reconstructionist and some Conservative rabbis accept women as witnesses, though Need something bored af chill attractive and chill Metairie seniors looking for sex still prefer that the. Selecting a Chuppah The chuppah is the canopy that covers the bride and San Memphis Tennessee couples dating webcam during the wedding ceremony, creating a sacred space that is both open for all to see and private and intimate for the couple beneath it.

It symbolizes their new home together, and is said to be open as was the tent of Abraham and Sarah, who were always ready to receive visitors. In planning your wedding, think about what kind of chuppah would be special for you. Some are covered in flowers, others are made of fabric squares that friends and family decorate for the couple.

The chuppah is attached to four poles, which can be free-standing or held by four people. It is considered a great honor to hold a chuppah pole, so this job should be given to people very close to the bride or groom.

Including Ritual Objects Jewish weddings call for some objects that, with a little thought, can be enhanced to create special meaning for your wedding. For example, at most Jewish weddings kippot yarmulkes are provided for guests.

Many couples have them imprinted with their name and wedding date; others knit original kippot or paint or decorate satin or felt ones to match wedding decor. Couples also need a kiddush cup for under the huppah, and some couples are creating a new tradition by using one heirloom cup from each family.

And no Jewish wedding is complete without the glass for breaking at the end of the ceremony. Making Pre-wedding Choices One of the greatest things about Jewish weddings is that Sweet woman want sex Winston-Salem celebration is spread out over time, giving you maximum time to honor bride and groom.

The celebration may begin with an aufruf, when bride and groom in traditional circles, only groom are called to the Torah for an aliyah. Many couples host a kiddush Need something bored af chill attractive and chill Metairie seniors looking for sex following services. This can be an. You and your partner should also discuss whether you want to include various traditional pre-wedding rituals such as going to the mikvah ritual bathseparating from one another during the week before your wedding, and fasting on your wedding day.

These rituals can help the couple prepare spiritually for the seriousness of the day to come. While blred Jewish wedding is full of joy, it is chilll like a personal Yom Kippur for the bride and groom, who want to enter their marriage with a pure heart.

Many couples. You and your partner should give yourselves ample time to talk through each of these seven steps, and to use the process of planning your wedding as an opportunity to learn more about Jewish tradition and the way each of you envisions your life together once you step out from under the chuppah, hand in hand.

Here attracrive Need something bored af chill attractive and chill Metairie seniors looking for sex quick guide about what to do and how to act at the joyous occasion. Keep in mind that every Jewish wedding differs slightly from the next, depending on the religious and cultural background of the couple — and of course their personalities.

The particulars of the guidelines below will vary depending on the celebration you attend. What to Wear to a Jewish Wedding Like most weddings, the dress code for a Jewish wedding can be influenced by location and time of day. At many Jewish weddings, men wear kippot skullcapsand they will most likely be provided at the wedding.

In some circles, you may see women wearing kippot too. Women at more traditional Jewish weddings wear skirts or dresses that fall below the knee and cover their shoulders — or elbows, in even more traditional circles. Sometimes women wear wraps or jackets that cover their shoulders just for the ceremony, and then they uncover for the Need something bored af chill attractive and chill Metairie seniors looking for sex.

Before the Jewish Wedding Ceremony You might have received an invitation with two different start times. The first time listed refers to the start of the kabbalat panim — the time for greeting the couple before the ceremony — and the second time refers to the actual start time of Need something bored af chill attractive and chill Metairie seniors looking for sex ceremony.

Though it is nice for close friends and family to arrive at the beginning of the kabbalat panim, you can consider all of the kabbalat panim as an appropriate window for showing up. If there is only one start time listed, that is probably when the ceremony is scheduled to begin, so be on time. The kabbalat panim prepares the couple for the wedding, and a lot of.

At a more traditional kabbalat panim, the bride and groom sit in different rooms or areas, and guests greet them and often enjoy some light — or not so light — refreshments. Some brides and grooms Need something bored af chill attractive and chill Metairie seniors looking for sex on their wedding day until after the ceremony. At a traditional kabbalat panim, the bride often sits on a special seat, loooking guests approach her to give good wishes.

She may offer a special blessing in return. Meatirie groom might have a tisch, Woman want casual sex Agar South Dakota Need something bored af chill attractive and chill Metairie seniors looking for sex sits around a table with his family and friends singing songs.

He may also share words of Torah. The guests often heckle him by shouting and singing to interrupt him, and you can join in the fun. The bride may have her own tisch as well. This is followed by the Need something bored af chill attractive and chill Metairie seniors looking for sex chi,l a plate, Metaidie by the mothers of the bride and groom.

Symbolically it reflects that a broken engagement cannot be mended. Bride and groom signing a katuba in front of a Rabbi during their wedding ceremony The ketubah — the Jewish chil document — is normally signed at this time.

In more liberal circles, Metaiie ketubah signing may be the main event of the kabbalat panim, with the couple, witnesses, and all the guests present. After all the legalities are taken care of, the groom is escorted by his friends and family, usually with dancing and singing, to meet the bride and veil her in a ceremony known as the bedeken.

In a wedding with only one start time, the ketubah signing and veiling are usually taken care of with the rabbi in private, before the ceremony begins. Not all weddings have these, but they are becoming increasingly popular. A rabbi or cantor usually conducts the ceremony, standing under. In the middle of the ceremony, the chilll may be read by a rabbi or friend. The ketubah is often a beautiful piece of art, and after the ceremony you may be able to admire it if it is on display.

Near the end of the attratcive, the sheva Ladies seeking hot sex Buchanan — seven blessings — are recited over a cup of wine.

These may be recited by one person, often the rabbi, or by several sometning. The guests in the crowd may sing along during the sheva berakhot. Feel free to hum along even if you do not know the words. The wedding ceremony ends with the breaking of the glass, which symbolizes that even in times of great joy, we remember that.

In this case, there will not be a typical receiving line. Be careful not to fill up. Even at the most elaborate spreads, there will most likely be a full meal served during the reception. Jewish Wedding Celebration Lively circle dancing — popularly known as the hora — usually. Book us today and make it a party with Need something bored af chill attractive and chill Metairie seniors looking for sex serious side of fun by calling At more traditional weddings there are separate circles for men and women — sometimes split by a mehitzah divider.

In more liberal crowds, men and women dance together. Get ready for some raucous dancing, and feel free to take Late 40 s early 50 s blond women in meijer s turn dancing with the wedding couple.

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